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Anthony Orozco
Anthony Orozco is the Latino communities reporter for WITF. Anthony joined PA Post in May 2020 as a Report For America fellow and transitioned to WITF in August 2020. He has worked in central Pennsylvania as a journalist, poet and community organizer since graduating with a degree in journalism from the University of Cincinnati in 2012.

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Police across Pa. say it is business as usual as more election protests loom

Police in cities that dealt with large-scale protests over the last several months said they are approaching the coming days calmly, while on the lookout for possible threats.

By Anthony Orozco

Top stories of 2020: Latinos increase visibility, influence across Pennsylvania

Latinos worked to be seen, heard and felt during a year of crises, a census and a historic election.

By Anthony Orozco

A Berks immigration center detainee and six staff have contracted COVID-19 since October

Immigration officials say they are taking detailed precautions, activists call on Gov. Tom Wolf and President-elect Joe Biden to take action.

By Anthony Orozco

This Pa. mayor’s trip to Puerto Rico during pandemic drew criticism, attention to Latino health disparities

Reading Mayor Eddie Moran’s recent trip was not prohibited, but some say it was irresponsible as COVID-19 infection rates surge across the country.

By Anthony Orozco

Building trust in COVID-19 vaccine marred by misinformation and America’s racist medical past

Community healthcare providers and community leaders in Latino-majority cities work together to provide information and build trust with people of color.

By Anthony Orozco

Updated: December 4, 2020 | 3:00 pm

Two asylum-seeking families in Pennsylvania safe from deportation, for now

Nearly 30 asylum-seeking families in Pennsylvania and Texas are safe from deportation for a few more days as their case is reviewed.

By Anthony Orozco

President-elect Biden promises immigration overhaul, but some activists are wary

The President-elect has mad big promises about immigration reform but activists are going into the next four years ready to push for action.

By Anthony Orozco

Updated: November 10, 2020 | 10:00 pm

Election day mishap in Berks County highlights need for culturally competent poll workers

Poll workers at one Reading polling location could not locate Spanish last names

By Anthony Orozco

In Reading, Trump repeats evidence-free claims about voting and COVID-19 to throng of supporters

Pa. is recording its highest numbers of coronavirus cases, and studies show mail-in voting is not prone to fraud.
By Anthony Orozco