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Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Angela Couloumbis has covered government, politics, courts and crime for The Philadelphia Inquirer since 1996. She has reported on forest fires in the Rocky Mountains, riots in Washington, D.C. and Cincinnati, the mob’s effort to infiltrate city hall in New Jersey’s poorest city and the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

For the past 13 years, she has focused on government and politics in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, shedding light on backroom dealing and corruption. She was part of a two-member reporting team that, in 2014, exposed a secret effort by the state Attorney General’s office to shut down an investigation into lawmakers who accepted envelopes stuffed with cash from an undercover government informant. The reporting led to a series of resignations and criminal convictions over several years. She has spent the past 18 months focused on investigative reporting on the #metoo movement in Pennsylvania. Her coverage has included projects on secret, taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements in the Legislature and state government.

Latest by Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Updated: August 2, 2022 | 7:30 pm

Pennsylvania’s mail voting law can stay in place, state Supreme Court rules

The state Supreme Court has upheld Pennsylvania’s mail ballot law, preserving a popular voting method.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA and Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA

Updated: July 28, 2022 | 7:19 pm

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf sues GOP-led legislature to block abortion, voter ID questions from reaching the ballot box

The Democratic governor is claiming legislative Republicans unconstitutionally lumped together five pieces of their “failed” agenda into a package of proposed amendments.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

New Pa. budget injects $125M into private school tax credit program that lacks basic accountability

The additional $125 million in the state budget for Pennsylvania’s educational tax credits represented the largest one-time funding boost for the program since its inception nearly two decades ago

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania primary 2022: Candidates for governor raised $12.8 million in April alone

As Pa. primary 2022 quickly approaches, the top candidates for governor are bringing in six and even seven-figure donations.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania Election Day 2022: See how much money Democrat Josh Shapiro has raised in the race for governor

As primary Election Day 2022 approaches in Pennsylvania, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro has raised nearly $18 million in campaign contributions.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania state senator introduced gambling bill written by casino lobbyists, emails show

Draft bills and late-night emails reveal cozy ties between Pennsylvania state lawmaker and casino lobbyists

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania election 2022: A guide to the lieutenant governor primary race

Pennsylvania’s race for lieutenant governor, which is separate from that for the top executive position, has more candidates than the gubernatorial field. Here’s a guide.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA

It could soon be easier to see how Pennsylvania lawmakers spend taxpayer money on perks

A long-awaited transparency bill that would make legislative expenses accessible online for easy public viewing unanimously cleared a key Pennslyvania House of Representatives panel Tuesday.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA