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Wegmans to donate 1 lb. of food to Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for every dollar pledged to witf

Written by | Sep 7, 2012 4:47 PM

Every day witf is your home for insightful and thought provoking programing. For the past 11 years Wegmans Food Markets have shown they’re devotion to this community service by offering food for thought.  On November 8, 2012 Wegmans will again donate 1 Lb. of food to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for every dollar pledged to witf.  Last year the food bank received 10 tons of food and an additional $5,000 thanks to gifts made by witf radio donors. 

Every year over 50 million Americans struggle to put food on the table.  Over 17 million children are impacted and that leads to difficulty focusing at school and many other social challenges.  The partnership between Wegmans, witf, and the Central Pa Food Bank has provided approximately 270,000 meals in the past two years alone.

Please tune in to witf radio on November 8 and join Wegmans in giving food for thought. It is an incredible way to double the impact of your giving to our community.   On that day, please click here to make your contribution to witf or call 1-800-233-9483 to give. Every dollar you donate goes to supporting witf’s programs, and will be generously matched today by Wegman’s with a food donation to the Food Bank.

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