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Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania and UPMC Veteran Care Services working to combat veteran homelessness

Aired; July 8th, 2024.

There are dozens of organizations that support our veterans here in Central Pennsylvania. Marc Miagala the Director of the UPMC Veteran Care Services, and Bill Habacivch the Executive Director of Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania joined Asia Tabb on the Spark to talk about the need for those programs.

The Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania mission is to combat homelessness among veterans by providing support and services needed to promote an empowered life filled with strength and purpose.

“In part, UPMC is part of that support and services. And we’re trying to get these men to live the rest of their lives in dignity and respect. We’ve got a certain percentage of the population that has difficulty in finding, or combatting homelessness, “said Habacivch.

The Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania has come together with e community to build 15 tiny homes surrounding a community center for veterans experiencing homelessness.

“The great thing about the tiny home is they’re shaped in the form of a heart. There’s 15 of them. And so, it looks like a little village. And you know, it’s going to take the village within the members of the village to help each other. And then it’s going to take a larger village to continue to help and pour money into and care into our veterans.”

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