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You’re asking, we’re answering your questions about the election

America Amplified and WITF election 2024 logo

America Amplified and WITF election 2024 logo

WITF is partnering with other public radio stations across the country in an initiative called America Amplified Election 2024.

The initiative is hosted by WFYI in Indianapolis and is funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to support community engagement journalism in traditionally underserved areas. The initiative builds on a similar project in 2022 to help public media stations provide critical information about voting during the midterm elections.

Through an embedded form on our website, we’re asking you to let us know what questions you have about the election process, as well as what question you would like our reporters to ask candidates. Working with America Amplified, we’ll do our best to answer the process questions. We’ll ask some of your candidate questions when we have the opportunity to do so.

Here are some of the questions you asked, and the answers.

  • At what point in the development of a fetus, do you believe that laws should protect and apply to that fetus as a human life? In other words, at what point should the law view both the mother and fetus as human life?



  • If elected, what will you do to permanently reduce gun violence within your elected jurisdiction?



  • Gen Ass’y candidates: Do you support or oppose an Article V second-pathway “Convention of States” (not via U.S. Congress) to amend the U.S. Constitution, such as Sen Eichelberger’s Resolution 133 in 2017? See: https://defendourconstitution.



  • Gen Assembly candidates: Have you ever interacted with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)? See:



  • What specific actions need to be taken to deal with the effects of the climate crisis? How will you protect women’s reproductive rights and access to voting? What steps do you propose to reverse growing income inequality and fair taxation



  • PA has the fourth most unfair tax system in the country, according to a national organization. Low-income people pay twice the percentage of their earnings in taxes as the wealthiest among us. How should PA make its tax system more fair?



  • What will Republicans do to move away from Trump and start addressing lies by the right? How are they going to bring integrity back to the party and help regain trust in elections? How will they work with the left to move PA & U.S. forward?



  • Given that climate change is killing more people than wars, gun violence, and abortion combined, what are your plans to seriously address climate change in the Commonwealth?



  • Donald Trump proclaims to NATO members, “Pay your bills.” I’d like to know how many times Trump didn’t pay his bills. Example -the man who furnished Atlantic City Casino with pianos for which he was never paid. Even Giuliani claims not paid



  • What is/are the circumstance(s)/condition(s) when a voter would be required to submit a Provisional Ballot (PB), what are the procedures for determining the validity of a PB, and how can one find out whether their PB was counted?



  • Science tells us that we are in a very precarious position related to human induced climate change. Our window to address it is closing. How will you consistently make clear where candidates stand on this important issue?



  • I’m concerned that Congress has defunded internet access for rural Communities. I want to hear McCormicks solution and his stand on internet access. Then what he wants to do for better education opportunities state wide. Same ? For Casey.



What questions do you have?

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