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TJ Foltz SCORES big with HumanKind

Business group helps aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; May 16th, 2024.

In 2010, Humankind founder TJ Foltz experienced a profound calling to address the global need for clean drinking water. This mission was sparked by an overseas trip where he witnessed children forced to drink unclean water due to a lack of resources. Since then, TJ has dedicated his life to providing hope and clean drinking water to those in need. The pivotal moment came during a trip to a remote village where Foltz saw firsthand the devastating effects of contaminated water. Children, their faces etched with hardship, were consuming water from a polluted source, leading to widespread illness and despair. This harrowing experience ignited a deep-seated resolve in Foltz to make a tangible difference.

Determined to turn his vision into reality, Foltz founded Humankind with a singular mission: to provide sustainable, clean drinking water to underserved communities worldwide. Under his leadership, Humankind has embarked on numerous projects, installing water filtration systems, drilling wells, and educating communities on maintaining these vital resources. However, Foltz’s journey wasn’t undertaken alone. He received invaluable support from the SCORE mentoring program, an initiative dedicated to assisting aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. SCORE, with its vast network of experienced mentors, played a crucial role in helping Foltz navigate the complexities of starting and growing his nonprofit organization.

The mentorship Foltz received through SCORE was instrumental in Humankind’s success. SCORE mentors provided guidance on various aspects of running a nonprofit, from strategic planning and fundraising to operational management and outreach. Foltz attributes much of Humankind’s growth and impact to the insights and support he received from his SCORE mentors. Statistics support the efficacy of the SCORE program, where small business owners who engage in three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth. This was certainly true for Foltz and Humankind. The organization’s reach has expanded significantly, touching lives in numerous countries and providing clean water to thousands of people who previously had none.

Today, Humankind stands as a testament to the power of one individual’s commitment to a cause and the profound impact of effective mentoring. TJ Foltz’s story is one of hope and a reminder of the difference one person can make when supported by a community of knowledgeable and dedicated mentors.

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