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Iron Mustangs Triumph at 2024 Senior Games, Inspire Fellow Competitors

Still competing in their 60's

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; May 17th, 2024.

Fresh from competing in the 2024 Senior Games at Spooky Nook Sports Complex, Sally Winchell and her group of Iron Mustangs returned home with a collection of well-deserved hardware. The team, composed of women aged 55 and older, made a significant impact not only through their victories but also by inspiring their fellow competitors with their dedication and strength. Today, on WITF’s The Spark, Sally Winchell and the Iron Mustangs joined Marquis Lupton to discuss their journey, preparation, and motivations behind embracing powerlifting later in life. The Iron Mustangs, a formidable team of senior powerlifters, showcased their remarkable abilities at the Senior Games, held at the sprawling Spooky Nook Sports Complex. Their success is not merely measured by the medals they won, but by the barriers they broke and the stereotypes they shattered about aging and athleticism.

Sally Winchell, the spirited leader of the Iron Mustangs, spearheaded the team’s efforts. Among the many highlights, perhaps the most impressive was 70-year-old team member Jane Thompson’s stunning performance, where she deadlifted over 200 pounds. Thompson’s feat exemplifies the extraordinary capabilities of senior athletes when given the opportunity and support to thrive. Winchell, reflecting on their achievements, noted, “Our team is about more than just lifting weights. It’s about lifting each other up and proving that age is just a number.” Her words resonate deeply with many, as the Iron Mustangs’ story is one of perseverance, community, and the relentless pursuit of personal bests.

The journey of these women into powerlifting is as inspiring as their performances. Many of them took up the sport after the age of 60, driven by a desire to stay active, healthy, and strong. Their training regimen is rigorous, involving not only physical preparation but also mental fortitude. The Iron Mustangs train diligently, balancing workouts with proper nutrition and recovery, ensuring they are always at their peak. Their preparation for the Senior Games was intensive, marked by months of disciplined training and a strong support network. The camaraderie among the team members plays a crucial role in their success, providing motivation and encouragement to push through the toughest challenges.

On The Spark, the Iron Mustangs shared their individual stories and collective experiences. They hope to inspire other seniors to embrace physical activity and perhaps even powerlifting, demonstrating that it’s never too late to start something new. And, as the Iron Mustangs continue to celebrate their achievements, their influence extends beyond the competition. They are redefining what it means to age, one lift at a time, showing that strength, resilience, and determination have no age limit.

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