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Music is back at The Abbey Bar

With improvements to the sound, more space and more diverse acts, The Abbey Bar is back.

  • Joe Ulrich
The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.

 Doug Watson / WITF

The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.

Since 2020, The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company has been quiet. But at the beginning of 2024, Moon Peak Productions teamed up with ABC to not only bring music back to the Harrisburg venue but also improvements in the sound, the space and the offerings in live music. Danny McCoy is Moon Peak Productions’ Talent Buyer and Creative Director.

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Joe Ulrich: What is Moon Peak Productions?

Danny McCoy: We mainly book and promote shows. We also have an in house photographer, Pat Combs, who does concert photography. And we’ve also dabbled in artist management and tour booking for different artists from the area like Spilly Cave and Rivers, two bands we’ve worked with specifically.

Joe Ulrich: How did Moon Peak get to partner with ABC and the Abbey Bar?

Danny McCoy: We actually have a long history. One of our owners, Sarah Combs, was a part of Roundtable Presents, who worked with Jersey Mike back in early 2000s. And she helped start that company throwing shows here back then.

When we started doing this, we were throwing shows at all kinds of different venues in the area. And we heard that ABC was looking for a new promoter here and just knew we all love that room. I used to work here with Greenbelt Events. Sarah worked here. And so we really just dug in and tried to get this space and worked out a deal with them where now we are the handle the calendar and the booking of the room.

Joe Ulrich: When and what was the first show that was put on here since it reopened?

Danny McCoy: February 10th, 2024. We had the Dirty Sweet, the hometown funk cover band.

Joe Ulrich: Was the actual space closed all this time?

Danny McCoy: The restaurant was open. They just weren’t actively booking this room.

Joe Ulrich: What things about the Abbey Bar are going to be the same and what are some of the new things that people can expect?

Danny McCoy: So we upgraded the sound and lights and we’re trying to diversify the genres that are in here. We want to have all kinds of music going on and events during the week like pottery events and dance classes.

We also donate a percentage of every ticket sold to a charity that we switch every quarter. We worked with the Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry County, Chesapeake Bay Foundation. We’re working with the Central PA Food Bank to do a cupcake competition to raise money for them. And we’re doing an event to raise money for the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. Just trying to do things that give back as much as we can while still obviously trying to be a profitable venue.


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