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What is intergenerational programming?

Intergenerational Conference to be held this July in Lancaster

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; May 9th, 2024.

Public interest in intergenerational (IG) programs and practices are growing, spurred by the recognition that the synergy between younger and older generations can address mutual needs and aspirations. Research underscores the manifold benefits of IG programs, with participants of all ages experiencing diminished susceptibility to age-based stereotypes, enriched perspectives on life, skill acquisition, expanded social networks, and avenues for civic engagement and community service. As the IG landscape evolves nationally and internationally, there’s a call for enhanced training for professionals and broader access to resources, diverse program models, support systems, and evaluative research affirming program effectiveness.

The Mid-Atlantic Intergenerational Conference, slated for July at the Lancaster Holiday Inn and hosted by Penn State University, is poised to be a focal point for stakeholders invested in IG initiatives. Tailored for community-based organizations, the conference beckons staff members, administrators, educators, scholars, advocates, volunteers, students, and others keen on deepening their understanding of intergenerational programs.

To delve into the intricacies of IG dynamics and the significance of the upcoming conference, we featured on The Spark; Chris Kennedy, a nationally acclaimed thought leader in aging-in-place, elucidated the fundamental tenets of intergenerational collaboration. Ian Sanchez, the community relations specialist at Lancaster County Community Foundation, shared insights into local efforts fostering intergenerational connections. Dr. Matt Kaplan, a distinguished professor specializing in Intergenerational programs and aging at Penn State University, provided scholarly perspectives on the transformative potential of intergenerational initiatives.

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