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The life and legacy of Dr. Hazel Jackson

Stage play scheduled for June 1st at WARE Center

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; May 10th, 2024.

On June 1st, a moving portrayal will grace the stage—a heartfelt depiction of Hazel Jackson’s life, a woman whose resilience and dedication left an unforgettable impact on her community. This play, honoring Jackson’s memory, marks the foundation stone of the newly formed Hazel Jackson Foundation, with proceeds supporting its mission of empowerment and assistance. Recalling the beginnings of this endeavor, Cheryl Holland-Jones, Dr. Jackson’s daughter and the driving force behind the foundation, reminisces about a journey that commenced with a shared desire for change. Amidst social unrest and a global health crisis, the community found itself reevaluating its values and institutions. The renaming of a local school in Jackson’s honor sparked discussions about representation and inclusivity, setting the stage for broader societal reflections.

The renaming of Hazel Jackson Middle School was more than symbolic; it embodied the community’s commitment to preserving Jackson’s legacy. From these conversations emerged the idea of a foundation—a platform to perpetuate Jackson’s values through scholarships, lectures, and community programs. At the heart of fundraising efforts lies a stage production chronicling Jackson’s extraordinary life—a narrative of resilience, leadership, and advocacy. Through this artistic medium, the foundation seeks to inspire pride and unity, anchoring individuals in Jackson’s enduring principles. And, reflecting on her mother’s legacy, Cheryl, alongside her daughter Amber, underscores the pivotal role of community involvement in driving change. It was through grassroots activism and collective efforts that the school renaming became a reality—a tribute to Jackson’s legacy and her ideals.

Dr. Jackson’s story epitomizes resilience in adversity. As the first African-American female teacher in the Lancaster school district, she confronted systemic challenges with unwavering resolve. Her nine-year journey symbolizes a steadfast commitment to her vocation. Beyond her pioneering role, Jackson’s legacy encompasses a broader cultural and social influence. She paved the way for diversity and inclusion initiatives within the school district, leaving an indelible mark on successive generations. Furthermore, she embodied this commitment as the first African-American Professor at Millersville University.

As the stage production unfolds, audiences will witness Jackson’s remarkable odyssey—a testament to perseverance and community solidarity. Their support will fuel the foundation’s empowerment mission, ensuring Jackson’s legacy inspires future generations. Rooted in talent development and community resilience, the Hazel Jackson Foundation’s endeavors, from scholarships to cultural events, aim to uplift and empower. Attendees of the play not only honor Jackson’s memory but also contribute to initiatives that enrich the community. Ultimately, the production celebrates Jackson’s life—a tribute to her enduring legacy and the values she embodied, serving as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of perseverance, leadership, and communal unity.

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