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YWCA Lancaster: Continues to be a beacon of hope for Sexual Assault Victims during April, as it gears up for the Race Against Racism

Largest Race Against Racism Race in the country

  • By Marquis Lupton

Airdate: April 2nd, 2024

In Lancaster County, tens of thousands of residents have been coming together for over twenty-five years, joining forces with YWCA Lancaster to combat racism and empower women. The organization proudly hosts the biggest and longest consecutively Race Against Racism in the nation, inviting the community to participate in this vital movement. Recognizing that the journey to eliminate racism is ongoing, the YWCA emphasizes the importance of collective action in building a just future. While acknowledging that a 5K race cannot single-handedly eradicate racism, the event serves as a platform to raise awareness and mobilize individuals towards meaningful change. The YWCA Lancaster underscores the significance of “naming the need” and encourages unity among community members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Every step taken together is deemed instrumental in making a difference. The organization pledges to persist until injustice is eradicated, institutions are reformed, and women, girls, and people of color are universally recognized as equal, powerful, and unstoppable.

Proceeds from the Race Against Racism are channeled into supporting the Center for Racial and Gender Equity (CRGE), which spearheads community education, training, advocacy, and change programs. Additionally, in observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the YWCA Lancaster is conducting a Comfort & Clothing Drive. The initiative aims to provide essential supplies to sexual assault survivors in local hospitals, aiding their recovery process and assisting them in regaining stability. Sexual assault remains a prevalent issue, with statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that over half of women in the United States, along with one in three men, have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes. In response to this sobering reality, the YWCA Lancaster is committed to raising awareness and providing tangible support to survivors through initiatives like the Comfort & Clothing Drive.

Through its multifaceted efforts, the YWCA Lancaster continues to serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity for individuals affected by racism and sexual violence. By fostering community engagement, promoting awareness, and offering support services, the organization remains steadfast in its mission to create a more equitable and just society. As residents of Lancaster County and beyond unite in these endeavors, they embody the collective spirit necessary to effect lasting social change.

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