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Rodent-contaminated foods in walk-in cooler: Berks County restaurant inspections, March 2, 2024

restaurant inspections

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restaurant inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Mikura Asian Cusine & Sushi Bar, 840 N. Park Rd. Wyomissing, Feb. 23. Fail. The Person in Charge did not demonstrate adequate control of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection. Observed visible evidence, such as droppings, of rodent contaminated foods in the walk-in cooler. Products were thrown away. Food (heads of cabbage) observed in the walk-in cooler moldy and adulterated. Product was thrown away. Multiple food items in the walk-in cooler and kitchen area stored open with no covering. Food dispensing utensils without handles observed stored in various containers of dry goods. Observed dirty take-out containers in the kitchen area. Containers were thrown away. Multiple non-food contact surfaces throughout the facility have an accumulation of grease/dirt/old food debris. The handwash sink in the kitchen area was blocked by a large box and was not accessible at all times for employee use. Corrected. Outside grease handling unit and surrounding area was dirty and possibly attracting insects and rodents. Also observed other items of trash stored in the area of this unit. Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the server area. Food facility inspection indicates evidence of rodent and insect activity in most areas of the facility, including in the walk-in cooler. Working containers (spray bottles) of cleaner/sanitizer were stored on the same shelf with food and single service articles in the sushi bar area. Corrected. Observed insecticides or rodenticides in the kitchen and dry storage areas, not labeled by the manufacturer as approved for use in a food facility.

Heart & Hearth Deli & Smokehouse, 740 Noble St. Kutztown, Feb. 21. Pass. No violations.

Kutztown School District Elementary School, 40 Normal Ave. Kutztown, Feb. 21. Pass. No violations.

Saucony Creek Brewing Company, 15032 Kutztown Rd. Kutztown, Feb. 21. Pass. Fryer baskets located in fryer area are not in good repair or condition. Several insert pans observed in the clean dish storage area with old label residue and pieces of plastic wrap on containers. Observed clean glasses in bar area stored wet in a manner that does not allow for draining and/or air drying (wet nesting). Corrected. Working containers (spray bottles) of cleaner/sanitizer were stored on the same shelf with clean dishes in the bar area. Corrected.

Tavern at Centre and Main, 5 Centre Ave. Topton, Opening, Feb. 21. Pass. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration for quat sanitizer at the three compartment sink. New food facility does not yet employ a certified food employee.

Alfredo’s Pizza, 846 Main St. Bally, Feb. 20. Pass. All shelving in kitchen area with cardboard lining shelves that is not a smooth easily cleanable surface and must have cardboard removed. Corrected onsite.

Boyertown Area Multi-service, 200 W. Spring St. Boyertown, Feb. 20. Pass. No violations.

Duck Donuts, 86 Commerce Dr. Wyomissing, Opening, Feb. 20. Pass. No violations.

The Salvation Army, 409 S. Reading Ave. Boyertown, Feb. 20. Pass. No violations.

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