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EPAC Joins Forces with THEM the Collective for Spectacular Two-Night Musical Extravaganza

The Evolution of Black Music

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; February 7th, 2024.

In a harmonious collaboration that promises to captivate audiences, EPAC (Ephrata Performing Arts Center) proudly announces its partnership with THEM the Collective for a special two-night event. This unique concert is poised to be an immersive celebration of music, seamlessly blending entertainment and education in a way that only the synergy of these two artistic powerhouses can achieve.

The upcoming event marks a continuation of the successful collaboration between EPAC and THEM the Collective, underscoring their shared commitment to providing Lancaster County with extraordinary musical experiences. As a cultural beacon in the region, EPAC is thrilled to join forces once again with THEM the Collective, a group known for pushing boundaries and fostering a dynamic musical landscape.

Audiences can anticipate a showcase of immense talent, featuring a diverse array of musicians and vocalists. The roster not only boasts some of Lancaster’s finest, many of whom are seasoned EPAC veterans, but also showcases remarkable artists from across the northeast. The stage will come alive with performers hailing from iconic cities like Philadelphia, New York City, and Baltimore, creating a melting pot of musical influences and styles. This convergence promises to deliver a musical journey that transcends geographical boundaries, uniting performers and audience members alike in the shared joy of live performance.

As EPAC and THEM the Collective prepare to unfold this musical extravaganza, Lancaster County residents are in for a treat, experiencing the magic that can only arise when artistic brilliance converges in a celebration of sound.

Evolution of Black Music

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