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New Six-Part Documentary Series “Human Footprint” Examines How Humans Have Transformed the Planet

Human Footprint, a new six-part science documentary that premieres Wednesday, July 5 at 9pm on WITF TV and the PBS  or WITF App.

Hosted by biologist and Princeton University professor Shane Campbell-Staton, Ph.D., this part-science, part-travel series takes viewers from high-tech labs to sweltering street markets, from farms to restaurants, and from primeval forests to New York City streets to explore the ways humans are transforming the planet – and what those transformations tell us about who we are as a species. 

Human Footprint is a visually stunning series set to an original score by legendary hip-hop and jazz producer Adrian Younge. Each episode is built on a foundation of science, but the biggest lessons are about human nature.  

The series is not a “doom and gloom” tale of human villainy. Instead, it is an honest reckoning with our vast footprint and our species’ singular history of transforming the planet. 

The premiere episode, “Strangers in Paradise,” explores how invasive species are reshaping the world’s ecosystems, but who’s to blame? Shane wrestles a python, hunts a wild pig, and gets sucker-punched by a carp to answer the question: in the age of humans, how does our species decide what belongs? 

Watch the premiere of Human Footprint on Wednesday, July 5 at 9pm on WITF TV or stream it on the PBS or WITF App. The first episode streams for free until August 3. 

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