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WITF Passport Binge: Sanditon Season 3

  • Christina Zeiders

MASTERPIECE "Sanditon" Season 3 Premieres Sunday, March 19, 2023 on PBS Shown (L-R); Lady Montrose (EMMA FIELDING); Lydia Montrose (ALICE ORR-EWING); Henry Montrose (EDWARD DAVIS) Photographer: Joss Barratt For editorial use only. (C) Red Planet (Sanditon 3) Ltd

Jane Austen’s final and incomplete novel gets a glorious finish in the third and final season of Sanditon. True to Austenian themes in her other novels, the first two seasons raised and dashed several marriage prospects for Charlotte Heywood (played by Rose Williams) and Georgiana Lambe (played by Crystal Clarke).

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Charlotte Heywood is a young woman from the country, but fate brings her to Sanditon, a village vying to become the go-to seaside resort for aristocrats and the gentry. Though her father intends to marry her to her childhood friend and local farmer, Ralph Starling, Charlotte has attracted the attention of Sanditon’s most eligible bachelors, including the mysterious widower Alexander Colbourne.

Georgiana Lambe faces an entirely different problem. As a mixed-race heiress from the West Indies, she’s pursued by countless fortune hunters who are more interested in her wealth than her heart. Charlotte and Georgiana become fast friends as they bond over their courtship dilemmas and their drive to author their own destinies.

New to Sanditon, Lady Montrose arrives with her adult children, Lydia and Lord Henry, to find them wealthy suitors after her husband squandered their fortune. We meet Rowleigh Pryce, an investor Tom Parker is hoping will bankroll a new hotel, and find out how his past is intertwined with Lady Denham’s. Edward is back in town and trying to convince Lady Denham that he’s a changed man. She’s not buying it for a minute. Alexander Colbourne’s brother, Samuel, an attorney, gets caught up in the Sanditon marriage market, too.

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