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Two-thirds of Americans abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month, here’s how to achieve them this year

  • Aniya Faulcon
2023 new year's resolutions concept


2023 new year's resolutions concept

Airdate: Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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Millions of people spend the final days of December coming up with New Year’s resolutions. However, according to recent studies, two-thirds of Americans abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month and nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail across the board.

Due to the low success rate of New Year’s resolutions many may reframe from creating them or wonder how to make good on them this year.

Christine Cauwels, associate director of therapy at Cerebral, said New Year’s resolutions about one’s health, finances and career are common.

“I always recommend for my clients to use smart goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based that will help keep you on track,” Cauwels said. “So having a plan and breaking that larger goal into smaller chunks that are more easily attained will keep you more focused, keep you on track and motivated to keep going.”

In order to achieve New Year’s resolutions, she also recommended that people except challenges, get an accountability partner, believe in themselves and create a plan.

Shelley Peterson, Community Progress Council’s Director of Housing Education, said financially, each year, its good to make a revisable spending plan or budget.

“I think we bring ourselves into the new year. So don’t negate where you’ve been. Don’t negate who you are but it’s okay to say, I want to be a better me,” Cauwels said. “You wouldn’t be where you are without your life experiences and your lived experiences. So don’t completely give up on yourself, but it’s okay to say I want to do better, be better or learn more. I would hope that we’re all growing and changing and learning all the time.”


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