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“The Making of a Lady” Returns to WITF Passport

  • Christina Zeiders

The Making of a Lady has returned to WITF Passport! Watch it now using the PBS Video app or stream it online with your membership.

Based on the forgotten novel by celebrated writer Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden), it tells the story of the well-born, educated but penniless Emily (Lydia Wilson).

While working as a lady’s companion for Lady Maria (Joanna Lumley), Emily meets her employer’s wealthy widower nephew, Lord James Walderhurst (Linus Roache). After accepting his practical but unromantic marriage proposal, a lonely Emily looks to build a friendship with Walderhurst’s handsome nephew and his beautiful Indian wife.

While Emily is increasingly contented with her life, not all is what it seems – and Emily has no inkling her life is in danger.

Watch The Making of a Lady now with your WITF Passport membership through the PBS Video app. If you’re not already streaming with WITF Passport, become a member today by starting a monthly donation of at least $5 per month or giving at least $60 a year.

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