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Pa. state park one of the best places on East Coast for stargazing

  • Scott LaMar

Airdate: July 27, 2022

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The world has been captivated by the images deep into space captured by the Webb Telescope.

The view from Cherry Spring State Park in Potter County in northern Pennsylvania may not be as far into space, but it provides one of the best looks into the nighttime sky as can be seen on Earth – at least on the East Coast. And there’s a new moon Thursday night that will make the stars shine even brighter.

Cherry Spring State Park is said to have the smallest amount of light pollution on the East Coast.

Curt Weinhold – a professional photographer who has a reputation of knowing more about Cherry Spring than almost anyone said on Wednesday’s Smart Talk that during the summer the Milky Way galaxy (see Curt’s photo of the Milky Way above) is what most stargazers notice the most, but the Big Dipper and other stars and constellations aren’t far behind — especially when there is complete darkness.

Hundreds of visitors go to Cherry Springs with most making their way to the 2,300 foot high elevation on weekends.


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