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The history and meaning behind the holiday and how to celebrate.

Airdate: Friday, June 10, 2022

On today’s Smart Talk, we’ll chat with Dr. Kimeka Campbell, the Vice President of the Young Professionals of Color Greater Harrisburg to learn more about their plans for Juneteenth this year. We’ll talk about the meaning behind their Juneteenth events, how people outside of the African American community can join in on the celebration, and how to keep the message and momentum of Juneteenth’s celebration going throughout the year.

We’ll also talk with Joshua Hunter, director of the Crispus Attucks Community Center about the importance and history of Juneteenth. We’ll also discuss the center’s plans to celebrate Juneteenth and the work he says needs to be done in the African American community and abroad to ensure that we’re living in a better world when next year’s Juneteenth approaches.

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