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Teacher Impact Awards

Honoring teachers who make a lasting impression

  • Christina Zeiders

Charity Kennedy Bixler / WITF

You can probably think of at least one teacher who made a lasting impact on your life. That teacher likely taught beyond the curriculum – maybe they cheered you when you needed it most, inspired you to go after your dreams, or encouraged you to do something you didn’t think you could do.

Watch WITF’s 2022 Teacher Impact Awards on-demand through the PBS Video app starting June 23 or on WITF TV Thursday, June 23 at 8pm.

Join us as we travel to seven Central Pennsylvania counties and honor seven teachers who are passionate about what they do and making a difference in the lives of their students.

The seven teachers featured in the program are the honorees of WITF and Rotary District 7390’s 2022 Teacher Impact Awards. These teachers work in the Rotary’s seven-county district area and were nominated by their students, students’ parents, colleagues and administrators.

This year’s honored teachers, who were chosen by a committee of Rotary members and WITF staff, are:

Watch the 2022 Teacher Impact Awards on WITF TV Thursday, June 23 at 8pm or on-demand through the PBS Video app starting June 23.

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