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Central Pa. spelling bee champ off to seek to national title

  • Scott LaMar

“Airdate: May 25, 2022”

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The Scripps National Spelling begins next Tuesday, May 31st. More than 230 spellers from across the country will compete to be the national spelling champion and that includes WITF’s regional champion – 13 year old Ananya Kannan – an eight grader at Central Dauphin Middle School.

Ananya enjoys reading, singing, sketching, writing, acting, dancing and playing the viola. She is an animal lover and poet, and she loves science and literature. Ananya has played viola in the County Honors Orchestra and participated in Tamil debates and oratorical contests. She has dreams of becoming a scientist, an author and a girl of the arts.

Ananya is number 141 on your national bee scorecard.

Ananya joins us Wednesday’s Smart Talk.

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