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Iconic West Shore Theatre reopens to fanfare

  • Scott LaMar
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Airdate: Thursday, May 12, 2022

It was a sad day for many central Pennsylvanians when the West Shore Theatre in New Cumberland closed it’s doors in 2017. The theatre was one of the region’s small-town entertainment meccas since it opened in 1940.

The West Shore Theatre was such an icon that many people wouldn’t give up on it and accept that the theatre was a thing of the past. A non-profit group calling itself Friends of the West Shore Theatre formed a year after the theatre closed to raise money to reopen it.

The Friends fundraising campaign was successful and the theatre reopened last weekend and will have a Grand Opening starting Thursday night and through the rest of this weekend.

The theatre looks the same outside but has a lot of changes inside.

There are plans to show movies, hold concerts, host comedians and more.

The West Shore Theatre’s managing director Dustin LeBlanc is on Thursday’s Smart Talk to describe the new theatre and plans going forward.



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