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EPA is watching Pa.’s Chesapeake Bay clean-up efforts

Agency says Pa. is lagging behind in pollution reduction

  • Scott LaMar
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Airdate: Thursday, April 21, 2022

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Pennsylvania is not on track to meet its pollution reduction targets for the Chesapeake Bay restoration.

EPA says the state needs to develop manure runoff controls and provide money to farmers so they can start using more environmentally safe practices.

Strategies to control manure runoff from farms include better fencing to keep animals off stream and cover crops, to keep soils healthy without the need to add manure.

The EPA also says Pennsylvania lacks details on how it will update or develop new programs or fully fund existing state programs.

Pennsylvania has 90 days to submit an improved plan.

Starting this week, the EPA says it will step up inspection of farms and municipal stormwater, increase permit oversight and redirect federal funds to other state agencies that could use them more efficiently.

Adam Ortiz, EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator is on Thursday’s Smart Talk to discuss Pennsylvania clean-up efforts.

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