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How to budget during inflationary times

  • Scott LaMar
The Federal Reserve knows that

 Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The Federal Reserve knows that "higher prices for essential items such as food, gasoline and shelter add to the burdens faced by many families," Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said. But he noted that ultra-low inflation or deflation is also a threat.

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Airdate: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Inflation is something that has an impact on everyone and when prices for essentials like gas for our cars and food rise substantially in a short amount of time, it becomes hard to budget. Low to middle income wage earners are especially vulnerable when prices rise.

Inflation is at its highest rate in four decades. Rising prices are at a point where they are forcing families to decide what they can afford or where they have to cut back spending.

Appearing today’s program is Stacy Mastrolia, Associate Professor of Accounting, at the Freeman College of Management at Bucknell University.

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