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The Great Mammoth Mystery

Sir David Attenborough explores a site with traces of ancient mammoths and Neanderthals.

  • Fred Vigeant

Sir David Attenborough investigates a unique site in southern England where amateur fossil hunters uncovered giant mammoth bones and evidence of Neanderthals.

A team of paleontologists and archeologists soon discover that the site preserves rare evidence of the extinct beasts and early human inhabitants of Britain dating to over 200,000 years ago.

What skills did the early humans have to help them survive during the Ice Age?

How did they hunt and protect themselves against formidable creatures such as mammoths?

Featuring hands-on experiments with replicas of Neanderthal-era spears and stone tools, NOVA brings the world of prehistoric Britain vividly to life.

Watch the Great Mammoth Mystery on NOVA Wednesday February 16 at 9pm on WITF.  NOVA is also available to stream on-demand thorough the PBS Video app.

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