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Affordable housing is on everyone’s wish-list

 Jenny Kane / The Associated Press

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Airdate: Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Finding affordable housing can be difficult. As inflation and the cost of living increases, so do home prices and rent.

For low-income families or individuals with limited resources, affordable housing might seem like an impossible dream.

There is an organization in the mid-state that has spent the past 50 years helping people find safe, welcoming and affordable places to live. HDC MidAtlantic, headquartered in Lancaster, manages a partnership of advocates, developers, property managers and community partners to offer affordable solutions.

Dana Hanchin, is HDC MidAtlantic’s CEO and President and she appears on Smart Talk Tuesday, along with HDC MidAtlantic’s Vice President of Resident Services Debbie Gable to offer insight to the challenges, and solutions, people face finding affordable housing.

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