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Smart Talk First Friday November arts and culture

Cartoonist Ron Campbell

 Photo-Credit_Rob Shanahan

Cartoonist Ron Campbell

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Airdate: Friday, November 5, 2021

The work of cartoonist Ron Campbell (Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Rugrats, etc.) is displayed.

Julian “Juelz” Davenport, writer and poet

A local playwright brings Violet Oakley’s life to the stage with Violet Oakley Unveiled

Photo-Credit_Rob Shanahan

Cartoonist Ron Campbell

Chances are, you have seen his art. The cartoon artwork of Ron Campbell is a part of American popular culture and immediately recognizable to most people of a certain age.

Campbell’s 50-year career in animation includes works featuring Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Rugrats and more.

A “popup art show” begins this weekend at the Pure Gallery in Mechanicsburg, where they are displaying and selling some of Campbell’s work.

Artist Ron Campbell

The Flintstones

Scott Segelbaum is the curator and art publisher of Ron Campbell art and he and Rose Anderson, owner of Pure Gallery, appear on Smart Talk Friday to share details of the event. 

A local poet and school librarian leveraged their common goals to offer a creative writing workshop for area students.

The initiative began with Julian “Juelz” Davenport, a writer and poet, who draws upon his own life and experiences, and Jennifer Hendry, a librarian with the Milton Hershey School. They join Smart Talk Friday to explain how their partnership encourages young people find their creativity, expression and confidence.

Finally, most Pennsylvanians have heard of artist Violet Oakley, a woman before her time whose works grace the state Capitol building.

A local playwright brings Oakley’s life to the stage with Violet Oakley Unveiled for two performances at Open Stage in Harrisburg, on November 12-13. The Open Stage production will mark the 115th anniversary of Violet unveiling the murals she completed for the Capitol’s Governor’s Reception Room.

Writer Cindy Rock Dlugolecki and Heather Jannetta, the Director of Violet Oakley Unveiled, appear on Smart Talk Friday with her story.

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