A competition to see who is the better thief

Season 8 of Father Brown continues on WITF

  • Fred Vigeant
Watch Father Brown Thursday, October 14 at 9pm on WITF. You can stream WITF TV live on our website and through the PBS Video app on Roku, Apple TV and iPhone and Android smartphones.

The season 8 premiere of Father Brown continues on WITF with The Folly of Jephthah.

After a mysterious thief keeps stealing valuable treasures from under his nose, Hercule Flambeau (John Light) visits Kembleford to see if Father Brown (Mark Williams) can help him to eliminate the competition.

Flambeau reveals that his new rival is in fact his estranged daughter Marianne Delacroix (Gina Bramhill). Seeing the opportunity to save a soul, Father Brown agrees to help Flambeau find her.

The two set a trap at Gloucester Museum, but Marianne springs it, and later surprises them by turning up at the presbytery.

Marianne proposes her and her father compete to determine who is the better thief, with the loser handing over all their stolen goods and giving up their life of crime.

The two agree, and the contest is on. Can Father Brown help to convince either of these master criminals to keep their word and turn their back on crime for good?

Watch Father Brown October 14 at 9pm on WITF.  Season 8 continues weekly through the fall.  Father Brown is not available on-demand through the PBS Video app.

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