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Campuses are in the ‘red zone,’ what that means in the fight against sexual assault


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Airdate: Friday, September, 24, 2021

Sexual assault on college campuses is a problem and this time of year is especially dangerous.

The ‘red zone,’ as it is called, is the most dangerous time of year for campus sexual assaultMore than 50 percent of assault occur between August and November and advocates are concerned this year could be even greater than in past years. Some are calling it the “double red zone,” as both Freshman and Sophomore students return to campus after pandemic remote learning.

Awareness is imperative to preventing sexual assaults and involves both advocates and campus officials. Appearing on Smart Talk Friday to offer strategies on prevention are Karen Galbraith, Training Projects Coordinator with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, Liz Grubb, Title IX Coordinator with York College of Pennsylvania, Laura Dunn, J.D., with the L.L. Dunn Law Firm and Sarah McPherson, MSW, Program Manager with End Rape on Campus.

Where to Find Help Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR), 1-(888) 772-PCAR (7227)

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