The invasive Spotted Lanternfly infestation moves throughout the state

Eradicating the pest is proving an enormous challenge

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Airdate: Friday, September 17, 2021

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species to the United States that was first discovered in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 2014.  Now, nearly half of the state is experiencing an infestation of the pest, to include most of the WITF listening area.

The insect is known to feed on over 70 species of plants so the potential economic and environmental impact could be severe. While the ultimate consequence of the infestation is not yet known, entomologists and agricultural agencies are monitoring the situation closely.

Julie Urban, Ph.D., is an Associate Research Professor with the Department of Entomology at Penn State University, and she joins Smart Talk Friday to talk about containment efforts and what residents can do.

For more information on the Spotted Lanternfly or to report a sighting visit or call 1-888-422-3359.

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