Father Brown is back to solve more crimes

The charming Father Brown returns to solve more mysteries in the sleepy Cotswold village of Kembleford.

  • Fred Vigeant
Watch Father Brown begins Thursday September 16 at 9pm on WITF. You can stream WITF TV live on our website and through the PBS Video app on Roku, Apple TV and iPhone and Android smartphones.


Father Brown returns for an eighth season to solve more mysteries in the sleepy Cotswold village of Kembleford. This charming series is based on the character created by G K Chesterton.

Welcome to rural England in the 1950s – a countryside dotted with small villages, quaint parish churches and large country houses. In the quiet village of Kembleford, local priest Father Brown puts his unique talent for solving crimes to use. And as usual, he’s joined by a cast of charming characters including no-nonsense parish secretary Mrs McCarthy and rebellious socialite Bunty.

This season Father Brown investigates the murder of an eccentric beekeeper, uncovers the hidden motivations behind a deadly art exhibition and steps in when Mrs McCarthy’s family reunion is threatened by a fortune-teller’s predictions. When a convention of jesters arrives in Kembleford, the merriment is brought to a halt when a local doctor collapses in front of a shocked audience. And when Bunty is tried for the murder of a young aristocrat, it’s a race against time for Father Brown to prove her innocence and save her from the hangman’s noose.

Watch season 8 of Father Brown beginning September 16 at 9pm on WITF. The series continues weekly through November 18. This program is not available on-demand through the PBS Video app.

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