Generation 9/11 Screening & Panel Explores the Impact of 9/11 on Young People (CANCELLED)

Join WITF for a free virtual preview screening and panel discussion around the new PBS documentary Generation 9/11. Thursday, September 2 at 6pm.

Generation 9/11 is an intimate film driven by the stories and personalities of its protagonists, who were born in the wake of a global tragedy which, for them, was also deeply personal. But it is also the story an entire generation that has been shaped by the attacks and their aftermath. They’ve all lived in the shadow of that terrorist event, and many others after, and have unique takes on our world that help define our future.

Watch clips from the film and afterwards join WITF reporter and local All Things Considered host Julia Agos along with panel of experts for an insightful conversation about the documentary. We invite and encourage young people in our region to share their views on the multitude of issues they face in this post 9/11 world.

This Event has Been Cancelled

Among the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were more than 100 expectant fathers. Two decades later, their children are coming of age. On the 20th anniversary of the events, Generation 9/11 focuses on the stories of seven children whose fathers died that day and reveals how an entire generation was shaped by the tragedy and its aftermath. Born at the dawn of the 21st century, they arrived in a world where the 9/11 attacks initially drew the nation together. But by the time they entered high school, America was more divided than ever. Now entering adulthood, they carry a new sense of responsibility.

Following its protagonists on their personal journey, Generation 9/11 combines new footage, family photos and home archives. The film documents what happened to this unique group and their families in the 20 years following al-Qaeda’s attacks. Weaving together shared chapters in the children’s lives—first days of school, 9/11 anniversaries, discovering how their fathers died and more—the film also provides a lens through which to look at the broader world during the last two tumultuous decades.


Can’t attend the screening event? Watch the broadcast premiere of Generation 9/11 on WITF TV on Tuesday, August 31 at 9pm.

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