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Some avoid lifting weights because of intimidation factor

Integrating resistance into an exercise plan starts with setting reasonable goals

Couple exercising and watching online fitness live streaming classes.


Couple exercising and watching online fitness live streaming classes.

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Airdate: Monday, August 2, 2021

While going to a gym isn’t for everyone — resistance training at home or outside is something people of all skill levels can do.

Based on a recent study authored in part by the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, making time and effort to perform resistance exercises has unique benefits for fat loss, in addition to reshaping bodies and increasing metabolism.

Some physicians in private practice are taking their knowledge of the importance of movement by approaching exercise as a prescription for better health outcomes. They write prescriptions for drug therapies, why not for exercise, too, which has been shown to improve or halt some disease progression.

WellSpan Health System Sports and Family Medicine Dr. Nathan Bucks, DO, joins Smart Talk Monday to talk about setting accessible goals and objectives to make the most of strength training and exercise.

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