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New radio schedule begins August 14

  • Fred Vigeant
Meghna Chakrabarti host of On Point

Meghna Chakrabarti host of On Point

WITF will introduce some changes to our radio schedule beginning Saturday August 14. Typically we make annual adjustments to our schedule in July but the timing was adjusted to align with the national launch of Code Switch & Life Kit from NPRYou can access the full schedule and download a printable PDF of the schedule.

Here is a round-up of changes of note:

On Point – Monday – Thursday at 2pm:
Meghna Chakrabarti leads provocative conversations that help make sense of the world.  Adding On Point augments our daily schedule with consistent focus on news analysis and additional perspectives. However, Science Friday will continue to broadcast Fridays at 2pm.

Code Switch & Life Kit – Saturday at 7am:
We are adding NPR’s newest offering Saturday mornings to lead into Weekend Edition. Similar to Planet Money paired with How I Built This, these two podcast turned radio programs will blend together into an hour of important ideas and practical advice. Learn more about Code Switch & Life Kit

Planet Money & How I Built This – Saturday 11am:
Previously airing ahead of Weekend Edition Saturday at 7am, this program will shift later in the morning follow Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Planet Money explains the economy with playful storytelling and Peabody award-winning deep dive, roll up your sleeves journalism.  Then, Guy Raz hosts How I Built This, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists take us through the often challenging journeys they took to build their now iconic companies.

Throughline – Sunday at 2pm
The show shifts from Monday to Sunday. Each episode tackles the history behind today’s headlines, and takes you back in time to understand the present. Ted Radio Hour (previously in this spot) will remain in our schedule but shift to Sunday at 5am.

Our Body Politic – Sunday at 6pm
Previously running at 2pm Mondays in 2020, the show returns to the schedule. The weekly series focuses on women of color as a super-demographic in American politics.

The Daily – Monday- Friday at 8pm:
A thirty minute daily news program produced in collaboration between American Public Media and the New York Times. The program takes elements of The Daily podcast and formats it into a daily radio program. The second half of the hour will be BBC World Service’s daily World Business Report. The addition of The Daily and World Business Report will shift Think to 9pm and a repeat of 1A to 10pm.

Programs that are leaving WITF’s schedule:

Ask Me Another is ending production. However, a few additional episodes will be produced after our last broadcast on August 7. Please use the podcast link to continue to enjoy that series as it wraps up. To The Best of Our Knowledge and The Splendid Table continue production and can be heard through their podcast feed. We hope to consider them for inclusion in future scheduling changes as situations warrant.



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