Super Hummingbirds

Fly with super hummingbirds—great athletes, tender moms, brave in combat and up for any challenge!

  • Fred Vigeant
Watch Super Hummingbirds on Nature Wednesday, July 14 at 8pm on WITF. You can stream WITF TV live on our website and through the PBS Video app on Roku, Apple TV and iPhone and Android smartphones. The program is also available on-demand through the PBS Video app.


Join us for this encore episode of Nature.

Enter the fast-paced world of hummingbirds through high-speed cameras and breakthrough science.

For the first time, see them mate, fight and raise families.

They are super hummingbirds—great athletes, yet tender moms who are up for any challenge!

Watch Super Hummingbirds on Nature Wednesday July 14 at 8pm on WITF.

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