The battle over teaching critical race theory

Also on the program: Older people's risk of falling made worse by pandemic

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Airdate: Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Critical race theory is a hot-button issue in the news today. There are plenty of advocates arguing for teaching the theory in schools, and others challenging the construct outright.

Critical race theory, or CRT, is a way of understanding how racism shapes and influences government institutions. The debate around CRT is currently focused on how or if it should be included or inform curriculum in schools. It is a complicated topic that is certainly more nuanced than people on either side of the argument may appreciate.

Scott Hancock, Ph.D., is a Professor of History and Africana Studies at Gettysburg College, who has studied CRT for more than 20 years and he appears on Smart Talk Tuesday to share his knowledge on the issue.

Older people’s risk of falling made worse by pandemic

Seniors are at a greater risk of falling with age. This is due in large part to changes in physical strength, mobility and balance.

Seth Wenig / AP Photo

FILE PHOTO: Ita Aber, right, stops by the table of her old friend Rita Shliselberg after she finished dinner at RiverWalk, an independent senior housing facility, in New York, Thursday, April 1, 2021.

Falls can be deadly, too, particularly because of the dangers of head injuries. The pandemic has increased the risk to seniors because of isolation and inactivity, and experts worry the full extent of the impact is still unknown.

Dr. Rollin Wright, MD, Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine Penn State Health and Dr. Ayesha Ahmad, MD, Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine Penn State Health appear on Smart Talk Tuesday to look at the risks and offer insight to avoid falls.

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