Smart Talk: Is legal marijuana in PA’s future?

A Republican senator co-sponsors pot bill

  • Scott LaMar
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Airdate: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Two recent polls found that close to 60% of Pennsylvanians support making marijuana legal for recreational purposes. Pollsters from both surveys say support has grown significantly in the last decade.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is behind legalization and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has become the face of making pot legal in Pennsylvania.

However, Republicans in the legislature have said no or that it’s not a priority.

Opposition is no longer universal, though. Republican State Senator Dan Laughlin of Erie County is co-sponsor of a bill to make marijuana legal for recreational purposes. Sen. Laughlin appears on Wednesday’s Smart Talk.

Even though legalizing and taxing marijuana could raise millions of dollars (a 2018 Auditor General report estimated $581 million annually) there is significant opposition from those who see it as a gateway drug and not as harmless as proponents say.

Jeff Hanley, Executive Director, Commonwealth Prevention Alliance joins us on Smart Talk, as well.

Pennsylvania’s neighboring states have begun the legalization process and it appears the dominoes are falling around us.

Sarah Anne Hughes, an investigative reporter with Spotlight PA is on Smart Talk to provide a rundown.

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