Extinction: The Facts

With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, threatening food and water security, undermining our ability to control our climate and even putting us at greater risk of pandemic diseases.

  • Fred Vigeant
Watch Extinction: The Facts Wednesday, March 31 at 8:00pm on WITF. You can stream WITF TV live on our website and through the PBS Video app on Roku, Apple TV and iPhone and Android smartphones. The program is also available on-demand through the PBS Video app.


Featuring some of the world’s leading scientists, Extinction: The Facts is an up-to-the-minute report on what extinction and biodiversity loss mean, not just for the planet, but for us as a species.

Presented by Sir David Attenborough, the program reveals how this crisis has grave consequences for us all—threatening food and water security, reducing our ability to control our climate, and putting us at greater risk of deadly pandemic diseases, including COVID-19.

It reveals what is happening to the natural world, how human activity drives extinction, and why we haven’t acted sooner to stem these losses.

With the world at a critical turning point, Extinction: The Facts asks what governments, industries and individuals can do now to change our course.

Watch Extinction: The Facts Wednesday March 31 at 8:00pm on WITF. Stream WITF TV through the PBS Video app for free.

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