Join WITF & NPR’s Diane Rehm for a Virtual Screening of “When My Time Comes”

Join NPR’s Diane Rehm for an in-depth exploration of the controversial, often-misunderstood right-to-die movement in America. WITF presents a FREE virtual preview screening of the new documentary When My Time Comes featuring a LIVE post film Q&A with Diane Rehm hosted by WITF’s Smart Talk Host and Executive Producer Scott LaMar on Friday April 9 at 7pm.

Spurred on by the death of her husband, the Peabody-award-winning journalist crossed the country to take an in-depth look at medical aid in dying. Rehm spoke to people on all sides of the issue, uncovering the pros and cons, the facts and the misinformation surrounding this controversial practice that is now legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. The result is both moving and informative. When My Time Comes is an eye-opening documentary that is sure to provoke strong reactions and thoughtful conversations among viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Can’t make the preview event?
Watch the full broadcast premiere of When My Time Comes on WITF TV April 15 at 8pm.

Listen to Rehm discuss her companion book of the same title with Smart Talk‘s Scott LaMar in an episode recorded live at Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg in November 2020.

ABOUT “When My Time Comes”

When My Time Comes depicts Diane Rehm’s exploration of the issue of medical aid in dying (MAID). This is an option for terminally ill patients with six months or less to live who are able to make their own medical decisions and meet certain other legally prescribed criteria.  Available to over 20% of the U.S. population, it is an option that John Rehm, Diane’s husband of 54 years, wanted before he died in 2014, but could not have.

The film tells Diane and John’s story, as well as the stories and perspectives of others as Diane sets out to discover as much as she can about MAID. Viewers will learn what Diane learns, right alongside her, in a series of conversations with patients, family members, physicians, clergy, and lawmakers. A diversity of viewpoints is represented — pro, con, and undecided.

The film will help Americans understand what MAID actually is, and what it is not. Medical aid in dying is not suicide, euthanasia, or many of the other things with which it is sometimes confused. The film will also encourage people to have conversations with their family and their physicians about what they want at the end of their lives, and to have those conversations early.

As Diane testified before the Maryland House of Delegates, “If you believe that God alone should decide when and how you will die, we support you 100%. If you wish to make use of every tool medical science can offer to prolong your life as long as possible, we support you 100%. And if you wish to have medical aid in dying in order to have some control over your death, we support you 100% as well.”

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