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Can we listen to each other?

America: Are We Ready is a series of live national call-in news specials

  • Fred Vigeant

The first 100 days of the new administration will be a time for America to reset.

America Are We Ready returns to WITF with once-a-week call-ins continuing through April 21.

How will the country move forward from Trump’s presidency and a second impeachment? How will the new administration approach fighting the pandemic and disseminating vaccines to millions of people? What about jobs? And what’s in store for Gen Z’s future? How can we work on dismantling structural racism and white supremacy in 2021 and beyond? And how do we restore faith in democracy and the meaning of patriotism?

America Are We Ready will follow the news and cover the news as it happens week to week. As well, it will take on the big themes in President Biden’s 100-Days agenda.

Join Brian Lehrer with co-hosts, special guests, newsmakers, and listener calls every Thursday at 8:00pm on WITF 89.5 & 93.3, stream through our website or ask your smart speaker to ‘Play WITF Radio’.



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