Smart Talk Wednesday: Libertarian president candidate Jo Jorgensen; Pa. oral health plan

  • Scott LaMar

WITF’s Election 2020 coverage on Smart Talk continues Wednesday as we’re joined by Jo Jorgensen, Ph.D., the Libertarian Party candidate running for President of the United States.

The Democratic and Republican Party candidates get almost all of the attention during campaigns – in part because candidates from those two parties win 99% of elected offices.

However, Smart Talk is giving candidates from other parties who are on the November ballot an opportunity to answer questions on the issues.

Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has released a 10-year plan aimed at improving oral health.

It’s called Oral Health Plan 2020-2030 and is aimed at increasing access to oral health care, preventing oral disease and reducing health disparities for vulnerable populations.

Appearing on Wednesday’s Smart Talk are Helen Hawkey, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health and April Hutcheson, Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. is a Pennsylvania state resource to connect people to health care.

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