America Amplified: Election 2020

  • Fred Vigeant

America Amplified: Election 2020 dives into the challenges and concerns facing Americans as they head to the ballot box this November. Join us on WITF 89.5 & 93.3 for this six-part talk show beginning October 10 at 4:00pm.

Award-winning WABE journalist Rose Scott will host each show joined by co-hosts across the country.  The series will explore local community perspectives, with a mission to foster dialogue over debate; share experiences; and elevate diverse community perspectives. Episodes will be driven by the topics and issues raised during ongoing national listening sessions and community engagement led by the America Amplified initiative.

Tentative plan for America Amplified: Election 2020 (all episodes air Saturday at 4:00pm):

  • October 10 – What divides us?
    Racism and racial injustice are among many issues dividing us this year. Calls to “defund” the police are answered by calls to “Back the Blue.” We also see deep divisions in how we’re experiencing and responding to the pandemic and to the ongoing environmental crises from the West Coast to the Gulf States. Where do we go from here? And what does this division mean in the midst of this election season?
  • October 17 – Who has access to the “American Dream” today?
    For some, the quest for the “American Dream” is alive and fruitful. For others, it seems practically unattainable. What benefits, challenges and inequities exist for communities when it comes to things like health care, voting access and taxes? And how do differences affect our views of America and its future?
  • October 24 – Do you see yourself and your community represented in national media coverage?
    When it comes to election coverage, we hear a lot about the candidates and the horse race. As we barrel toward the November 3 vote, what’s been missing from national coverage this election season? Do you feel represented? Do we have the information we need and can trust as we cast our ballots?
  • October 31 – Pre-election: How are you showing up for our communities?
    With co-hosts from the battleground states of Georgia and Florida, we’ll hear how this election has affected communities across the country. Aside from voting, how are we engaging for change at a local level?
  • November 7 – Post-election: How do you feel about the country and democracy after the election?
    It’s our first weekend post election. We’ll invite guests from previous episodes to reflect on what voting meant this year, and how their communities are reacting in the aftermath.
  • November 14 – What’s next for us? … How can we rise above, or learn to live with our divisions?
    As we near the end of a tumultuous 2020, is there an opening for mutual understanding despite our differences? And, how can we get there, especially in the aftermath of a contentious election? This show will explore what we’ve lost and gained, what we’ve learned and how we will move forward into 2021.

Join us for these conversations on WITF 89.5 & 93.3 Saturdays at 4:00pm October 10 to November 14. You also hear the webstream through our website or ask your smart speaker to ‘Play WITF Radio’ to begin streaming.



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