Smart Talk Thursday; Flu season set to overlap with COVID-19

Experts advise the flu vaccine imperative this year

The Centers for Disease Control warn that it is likely the flu virus and COVID-19 virus will both spread this fall and winter; a worse-case scenario as the nation battles the pandemic.

In the U.S., flu season typically peaks between December and February. During this same time period there are other respiratory viruses circulating, including the common cold and RSV, which is a serious respiratory illness that impacts young children and the elderly.

The challenge for everyone is that these viruses have similar symptoms and it is difficult to discern differences without medical testing. (Virus symptom similarities and differences)

As communities ease pandemic restrictions and kids return to school medical providers are advocating for flu vaccines to mitigate its impact.

Joining Smart Talk to discuss how to navigate the flu season and to answer COVID-19 questions are Dr. Matthew Silvis, MD, Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Operations for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Penn State Health and Dr. Jessica Ericson, MD, pediatric infectious disease specialist with Penn State Children’s Hospital.

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