The Food of Love on Doctor Blake

Blake investigates the death of an up and coming rock and roll star

  • Fred Vigeant

Join us Sunday June 21 for another episode of the Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Doctor Blake must unravel the mystery of the death of an up-and-coming rock’n’roll star, after he collapses into the arms of his fans at a sell out performance.

Rock’n’roll is here to stay but not too many people in the quiet City of Ballarat are keen on this new fad. In contrast there is a touring religious road-show in town and that brings with it a seemingly much more acceptable “Billy Graham” like fervour. God versus the Devil has never been more clear-cut than this, but nothing is ever that straight forward is it?

Money, sex and ambition are fueling a motley collection of suspects and each of them has good reason to see the end of the new king of Rock. So, while Blake investigates, Lawson must try to keep the peace in a town divided. In the meantime the new policeman Charlie encounters the feisty Mattie for the first time and it doesn’t go well, in fact it goes as wrong as it can go.

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