Listening From a Distance

Local music during the pandemic.

  • Joe Ulrich

When COVID-19 began to spread rapidly in the U.S., there was an abrupt end to large gatherings. This put an end to public music performances indefinitely. While some musicians immediately took to the web to perform live-streams, others found streaming’s lack of face-to-face interaction unsatisfying.

Listening From a Distance is a collection of interviews with people involved in the local music scene to find out how they’re coping with the pandemic. We hear from April Hartman (Apes of the State), The Nielsen Family Band, Hannah Bingman, Heath Hardin (Olds Sleeper), Leo DiSanto (Vinegar Creek Constituency), Brandon Valentine (Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame) and Stuart Malina, the music director for the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. We also get some perspective on why music is so important to humans with music therapist Kristyn Beeman.

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