Smart Talk Friday: Gardening during the pandemic

Erica Jo Shaffer answers your questions and offers growing tips

  • Scott LaMar

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted so much of our lives this spring.

Many people who were staying at home and looking for things to do found they had time to plant a garden or devote more attention to their existing gardens this year. Some concerned about food supplies thought that vegetable gardens or planting more vegetables would be practical. Seeds were a little more hard to get early in the pandemic.

There have been a few others challenges this spring, too. April and much of May were cooler than usual. In fact, records were set in some parts of Central Pennsylvania for the coldest nighttime temperatures in May. It wasn’t unusual to hear from someone who said they lost plants and flowers to an overnight freeze.

Smart Talk’s COVID-19 coverage has forced our annual spring gardening program back a few weeks.

Erica Jo Shaffer, landscape designer and consultant with Black Landscape Center in Mechanicsburg joins us on Friday’s program to answer your gardening, flower and plant growing questions.

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