TV Schedule Change beginning April 27

  • Fred Vigeant

While we are all staying safe at home, WITF is continuing to expand the opportunities for distance learning as part of our television schedule. Learn more about WITF’s Learning at Home initiative.

Beginning April 27, WITF will offer an additional 15 hours of weekday programming for social studies, science, nature, technology, and English language arts. A majority of these programs are series previously scheduled in prime time on WITF. Programs include Nature, NOVA, The Great American Read, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, American Experience, Masterpiece and many others.

To make room for this block of programming, we have made a few temporary changes to our existing daytime schedule. We are sensitive to existing viewing routines and we appreciate your flexibility with these temporary schedule changes.

We are suspending the noon repeat of Amanpour & Company. This public affairs series will continue to broadcast weeknights at midnight. It’s also available on-demand. The cooking and other how-to programs which regularly broadcast from 1pm to 3pm will shift up an hour to air from 12pm to 2pm.

This includes programs like America’s Test Kitchen, Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, Fit 2 Stitch, Simply Ming and others. The PBS Kids programming which normally broadcast from 3pm to 5pm will be temporarily removed from the schedule.

For viewers seeking PBS Kids programming in the afternoon, PBS Kids 24/7 is available over-the-air at channel 33.2, Comcast/Xfinity channel 239 and FIOS 465. PBS Kids 24/7 is also available to view through the PBS Kids Video app for smart phones, tablets and most smart television platforms like Roku, Fire, and AppleTV.

Please see our interactive schedule grid for the Monday through Friday line-up from 2 pm – 5 pm. We will also be publishing weekly schedules in the Learning at Home section of

Regardless of whether you have teenagers in your household, we hope you appreciate the additional programming in the afternoon to keep you engaged while we all continue to stay home and stay healthy.

These are unprecedented times. WITF is continually making adjustments to both our radio and television schedules to accommodate timely updates of this unfolding health crisis. I understand that these are big changes to our programming schedule and don’t take them lightly. Please remember that these changes are only temporary as we navigate our way the current crisis that has so dramatically altered seemingly every detail of our day to day lives. Thank you for your flexibility, patience and understanding while we all navigate these times together.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned. We’re all in this together.

Fred Vigeant

Director of Programming and Promotion for TV and Radio

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