What you need to know about Real ID

The new I.D. will be required to fly domestically, enter a military base or federal building

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On October 1, 2020 — just 31 weeks from now — Pennsylvanians will be required to have a Real ID-compliant drivers’ license or another form of federally acceptable identification in order to board a domestic commercial flight or to enter a military base or federal building.

Real ID driver’s licenses and photo ID cards have been available since March 2019, and so far nearly 900,000 Pennsylvania residents have a Real ID-compliant product. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation estimates that around 1.3 million of their customers will get a Real ID before the deadline.

However, many people have questions about Real ID, especially how to obtain a Real ID drivers’ license.

There also is concern at locations where Real ID will be required, like area airports, that visitors or travelers won’t be compliant or will be confused.

Appearing on Thursday’s Smart Talk to discuss Real ID are Kurt Myers, Deputy Secretary for Driver and Vehicle Services at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; Alexis Campbell, Press Secretary with PennDOT; and Scott Miller, Deputy Director of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT).

Kurt Myers and Alexis Campbell appear on Smart Talk on March 5, 2020.

Smart Talk

Kurt Myers and Alexis Campbell appear on Smart Talk on March 5, 2020.

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