Pa.’s counties seek help to pay or expand mental health services and broadband

County Commissioner Association discuss legislative priorities

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In Pennsylvania, human services, emergency management, 911 services, and administration of courts, corrections and elections are all administered by the state’s 67 counties. However, those county governments often believe they don’t get the kind of attention from the state and even their residents that they deserve.

That’s why the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) makes a list of priorities at the beginning of each year.  In 2020, priorities include increasing funding for mental health services, finding solutions to what they describe as the emergency medical services crisis, county property tax reform, rural broadband expansion, and funding for adult probation programs and services.  

One of the biggest challenges many Pennsylvania counties have faced in the past year is updating or even replacing voting machines during this crucial presidential election year.

Appearing on Friday’s  Smart Talk to discuss the CCAP’s priorities for 2020 are CCAP Executive Director Lisa Schaefer, Butler County Commissioner and CCAP First Vice President Kevin Boozel, and Bradford County Commissioner and CCAP 2nd Vice President Daryl Miller.

CCAP Executive Director Lisa Schaefer & Bradford County Commissioner and CCAP 2nd Vice President Daryl Miller

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