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Learn how the news is made, fact-check stories and spot fake news

  • Fred Vigeant

My World is a program for teenagers who want to know more about the key stories and issues shaping our world. It connects young audiences by providing an insight into the lives of young people across the globe, tackling topics of international importance and featuring celebrity interviews. My World broadcasts weekly at 4:30pm on WITF TV.  The series is co-hosted by Radzi Chinyanganya and Nomia Iqbal.

The series aims to fill a global gap in reliable and trusted information for young audiences in this age group, who are legally allowed on many social media platforms but poorly served by adult news content, and susceptible to the dangers of poor quality ‘fake news’ and disinformation. They are an age group interested in understanding more about how trusted news is made and the values that stand behind it. Through the series you’ll see personal stories from teenagers from across the world.

My World is a weekly series being piloted on WITF, produced by BBC World News.  There will also be multi-lingual distribution in more than 20 countries, including Canada, China, India, South Korea and in the United States. WITF is among a group of PBS stations selected to pilot the series on its initial 10 episode run.

Check out My World on YouTube to find on-going videos from the series along with full episodes Fridays at 4:30pm on WITF.

BBC has developed corresponding lessons for the classroom to accompany My World hosted on the Microsoft Education website. This portion of the media literacy initiative will teach students about global news and encourage them to become actively engaged with what they see and hear in the news.

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